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LED lighting is a cost effective solution to saving money, reducing energy use and lowering carbon footprint

Switching to LED lighting need not be a complicated and costly affair.

Many businesses across the UK have already made the switch to LED lighting and are reaping the benefits of substantial savings on energy bills, better quality lighting and less replacement and maintenance costs due to their longevity. However there are many businesses that are yet to make the switch believing it could become costly and disruptive.

LED lighting can be more cost effective than you think, in more ways than one. We can retro-fit most LED lighting systems to your existing wiring so any disruption is kept to a minimum. The savings on lighting bills alone can be in excess of 80% due to the efficiency of LED lamps, which last around 50,000 hours. There are further savings from replacement costs with traditional incandescent lamps typically only lasting around 2,000 hours before they require replacing. Traditional lamps convert a huge 90% of the energy used into heat which often increases the use of air-conditioning and an increase on cost – LED lamps convert very little energy to heat thus reducing the use of air-conditioning and providing further financial savings.

The cost of switching to LED lighting is often paid back within the first year from savings on energy bills and to help budget there are several grants and low interest loans available to SME’s to help make the switch. There are also leasing or hire purchase options available so you can start saving money from day one.

For a comprehensive assessment of your current lighting system, what would be involved in making the switch and see how much money your business could save call us now to arrange a free lighting survey, with no obligation.

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